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Voice Over | Narration for videos

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When it comes to narration it is when you have to give the right intonation to the voice so that what is being said can have the right focus. Voice Over narration is used more than all in documentaries, this is explanatory, therefore the punctuation marks must be handled correctly so that the text is understood and interpreted correctly.

Radio and TV Voice Over produce promotional messages of station events or make commercials that require a play of voices in order to achieve the goal of convincing the audience. Certainly you must have experience and have technique to make the voice the perfect tool to have the desired reach.

The voice of your company is in telephone support, in corporate radios and televisions, in advertising, in institutional and commercial presentations, in institutional videos, training videos, documentaries, events, so you should always have a Voice Over that fully represents your company with the intention to attract the public and in turn feel comfortable with what is offered.

E-learning Voice Over

Different Approaches for E-learning Narration

Educational psychologists are constantly theorising, testing, and refining approaches to learning, but currently, narration for e-learning material usually sounds like one of these four examples:

    • Elaboration – the voice gives additional information to the on-screen text.
    • Paraphrasing – the voice summarizes the text.
    • Verbatim – the voice reads all the words seen on screen.
    • Descriptive – the voice describes the images seen on the screen.

Voice over with Automated Voice Creation

Amazon Polly converts input text into life-like speech. You call one of the speech synthesis methods, provide the text you wish to synthesize, select one of the available Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices, and specify an audio output format. Amazon Polly then synthesizes the provided text into a high-quality speech audio stream.

This option is an accessible voice generation option that is available in several languages and gives the possibility to sell the customer an economical option to make VOs of a video to multiple languages.

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