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Audiovisual and linguistic services

We are specialists in Projects. We trust long-term relationships and our customers recognize it. Our extensive time coverage allows us to cover different time zones and support offices in different parts of the world.


Flix Translations Group has been giving extrodinay translation services to Global 500 companies since 2011.

Excellent Track Records

From small businesses to F500 companies. From LSPs to individuals, our service is always the same. We walk the same path as our customers and focus on long-term relationships.

15000+ Projects per year

Our team processes more than 15000 projects per year. Think about what we can bring to your company.

500+ Translators Partners

We have an external network of 500+ stable collaborators in more than 20 languages.

Time is money.

We know the importance of time in translation, so we have a team adapted to fast deliveries and at the lowest possible cost. We're on your side.

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