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From a tiny room to a multi-national Translation Company

Flix Translations Group LLC is a multilingual content solutions provider offering services in more than 150 languages and dialects. Since 2011, we have empowered government agencies and companies with the ability to meet their unique communication objectives. 

It is our goal to inspire Confidence in Language by ensuring that your vital message is delivered accurately, effectively and to the highest professional standards. Our company is based in the state of Florida and has offices in Coral Gables (Miami) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) 

Our team is made of a solid Production Department who can handle around 15,000 projects a year. Our Project Management team is aligned with the company’s quality objectives and all processes that are framed in the quality control program called “We Care about quality”.

Linguistic Solutions will help you improve your costs.

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Flix Translations Group has been giving extrodinay Translation Services to Global 500 companies since 2011.

Excellent Track Records

From small businesses to F500 companies. From LSPs to individuals, our service is always the same. We walk the same path as our customers and focus on long-term relationships.

15000+ Projects per year

Our team processes more than 15000 projects per year. Think about what we can bring to your company.

500+ Translators Partners

We have an external network of 500+ stable collaborators in more than 20 languages.

Time is money.

We know the importance of time in translation, so we have a team adapted to fast deliveries and at the lowest possible cost. We're on your side.


The journey of Flix Translations Group began
in 2011 and they have many goals ahead.

Our founders created the company in their home

Stories always have a strange beginning. Our story began in a small room, with only two computers and many dreams to fulfill.

01 October 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina

We completed our first 100 projects

In the beginning, everything is new and the first 100 projects were the ones that gave us the confidence to be on the right track.

7 May 2012


Moved into our first office in USA

In 2015 we opened our first office in Miami. Since then, Coral Gables became the company's global operations center.

21 October 2015

Coral Gables, Miami

Opened our first UK Office

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01 April 2019

London, United Kingdom

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