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Transcription Services

Delivering the next generation of translation services, today.

If you are looking for Transcription Services, Flix Translations Group is the right company. Our company has extensive experience in the translation of documents, both in the translation of documents in Spanish. We have an internal team that enables the implementation of the company’s quality policies, based on ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certification.

Flix Translations is a translation company with offices in Manhattan, Miami among other cities.

Generally, transcription means converting an audio or video file into a written format. However, transcription involves much more than that. The type of transcription entirely depends on a client’s need. The client’s need depends on how the transcription is going to be used.

There are essentially three types of transcriptions for audio and video files.

Due to its comprehensive linguistic services, Flix Translations is a strategic partner to companies in need of content localization for new markets. We provide fast and accurate content translation and localization services that can integrate into any company’s internal processes.

Highly confidential and sensible Audio Transcription Services

We provide transcription and translation services of highly confidential and sensible audio material for the US Federal Government.

Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)

The BOP is the law enforcement agency in charge of the custody and execution of federal criminals charged with national-level offenses, which range from identify theft and drug trafficking to terrorism. It comprises 122 correctional institutions, one Central Office, 32 other related offices, and is tasked with overseeing close to 200,000 federal inmates.

Verbatim Transcription Services

The first kind is the verbatim transcription. This type of transcription is the most difficult, complicated, and time-consuming. It is also the most expensive type of transcription because it involves ensuring that each spoken word, every laugh, every emotion, background noise, mumbled or garbled sentences or words is transcribed and time-coded in the written format.

In short, the written format of a verbatim transcription must be a replica of the audio or video file as recorded. It is of the utmost importance the transcriber pays very close attention to all of the sounds in the audio or video file. This includes the emotions expressed, the spoken words, the mumbled, garbled or half-sentences in the audio or video file, (which may or may not be grammatically correct), and where the transcriber is unable to understand what the speaker is saying or is not 100% sure. This type of transcription is most often used for legal proceedings or movies, films, videos, commercials, etc.

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