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Translation and localization

To compete in today’s noisy and crowded international markets, you need to change the way you communicate with the world. Our comprehensive linguistic services help our clients transmit their message wherever they need, ensuring brand message consistency at all time.

Simultaneous translation
We understand the art of communication and know that when words are written or spoken they only convey part of the speaker’s intent. The rest of the communication is done through speech inference, body language, and cultural conventions.
Automated translation

Machine translation systems are applications or online services that use machine-learning technologies to translate large amounts of text from and to any of their supported languages. The service translates a “source” text from one language to a different “target” language.

Multimedia translation
Flix Translations provides the highest quality subtitling services for all types of programming, allowing you to share your programming with audiences around the world. Through our network of experienced translators, we can provide subtitles in over 60 different languages.
Website Localization

The Internet has enabled the opening of a global market of a great significance and within easy reach to an endless number of big companies, but especially for middle-sized, small companies and entrepreneurships. Reaching these markets is extremely tempting, but of course, you must be prepared for it.

Certified Translation
Today, it’s usually one or the other that is required – either a certified or a notarized translation, but not both. This was not always the case, as just a few years ago the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) required that all certified translations also be notarized.

Reasons for Choosing Us

We are a Boutique Translation Company

Flix Translations Group LLC is a Translation Service Provider providing linguistic services to medium and big companies in vertical specializations in marketing, life sciences, technology, legal and technical content in all language combinations.

Due to our privileged geographical position in North and South America, we have access to thousands of trained, professional translators in all the main languages who allow us to carry out high-volume projects while guaranteeing optimal final quality.

  • ­Expert guidance to build a long-term relationship.
  • ­Save time, resource and money!
  • ­Create endless business possibilities!

Flix Translations is based in Miami, the USA with a production center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We will help you to choose the right service for the content to translate. The main benefit of working with a translation company is that we will make sure that your budget is optimized from the start. Your company can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, only by properly choosing the service for each type of content.

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The Importance of Translation in Business

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The importance of Translation services during the time of disaster

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Success stories

Case Study: Ministry of Justice – Argentina

In November 2016, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina hold the Second International Conference on Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Systems. For this reason, they need a complete solution of interpretation, equipment and streaming services. The event took place in San Martín Palace, downtown Buenos Aires, on November 15, 16


Integral linguistic consulting

Veeam is a technology company that develops management software. It is a global company with more than 183 thousand of clients and offices around the world. Since March 2014, we have assisted them monthly in the translation and localization of contents from English into Spanish of different areas of the company.


Monthly support in commercial parts

Fluke is an important business that manufactures tools for wiring installation and electric testing. Since 2013, we have assisted it in the management and the English and Spanish translation of its commercial contents.