This program specifies all our processes, from the sales department up to the final quality control of the deliverables, and is based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Certification, which we are in process of acquiring.

All our translators are selected according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 requirements and are constantly evaluated by a cross information system that qualifies the quality of the deliverables and the communicational performance during the project.

[cynic_global_heading cynic_global_heading=”COMPLIANCE WITH ISO 9001 & 17100 STANDARDS”]

We are currently in the process of certification in the ISO 9001 and 17100 Standards in order to enforce the best approach in translation, project management and quality evaluation processes.

[cynic_global_heading cynic_global_heading=”VENDOR MANAGEMENT POLICY”]

Our Human Resources department ensures a smooth selection of resources for each language pair and task. Each vendor is selected according to: Years of experience Fields of expertise Cross-checking with client references

[cynic_global_heading cynic_global_heading=”CONTINUOUS TRAINING”]

Teamwork and continuous training in new technologies and processes are traversals to our network of vendors. We regularly provide free, online training sessions on the use of CAT tools, QA tools and other relevant skills for their development.

[cynic_global_heading cynic_global_heading=”VENDOR EVALUATION”]

We developed an internal evaluation program to evaluate the performance of our vendors. Our TMS trigger Vendor Evaluations Order based on the vendor quality score. All the new vendors are evaluated in their first two projects and from them every X projects based on their score.

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