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Translation for Museums Boosts International Marketing


Museums are major attractions for international visitors. That means accurate translation of museum marketing materials is an important element in drawing worldwide attention to your latest exhibition.

By employing professional marketing translation for your museum, you will create positive global exposure and provide better customer service for your international visitors.

Professional marketing translation for museums can:

1. Attract More International Visitors

While many major museums are known for their vast, permanent collections of art and artifacts, smaller museums can also draw in a large number of visitors with specialized exhibits or temporary, big-name shows. In order to pull in the crowds from all around the globe, however, you first need to let them know what your museum offers.

With the increase of international travel and the competition inherent in attracting the business of tourists, it’s important for museums to effectively advertise their installations, exhibits and collections. The first step is to translate the museum’s marketing materials, such as brochures and websites.

Once complete, these translations can alert potential international visitors to a museum’s prized permanent collection — as well as notable upcoming exhibitions — in the tourist’s native tongue. Combined with translated exhibit information at the museum itself, establishing your museum as an internationally-friendly destination could be the deciding factor in whether or not a tour group adds you to its itinerary.

2. Provide a Better Experience for International Visitors

Of course, attracting more visitors to your museum won’t matter much if they don’t understand the exhibitions on display. Being a tourist in a foreign country can sometimes be an intimidating experience, so it’s important for a museum to have translated marketing materials on hand to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors from around the globe.

By translating materials such as educational brochures, informational displays and promotional pieces, museums can help make sure international visitors will have an easier time discovering and learning about the museum’s exhibitions.

And it’s not just plaques and guidebooks that benefit from translation. Many museums incorporate audio and video presentations into their collections, so the inclusion of translated voice overs and/or subtitlesis an excellent way to accommodate visitors from abroad.

3. Localize Your Promotional Efforts

Professional translators will be able to localize your museum’s marketing materials so that the final translated copy will employ the terms and references that resonate most soundly with your target international audience.

When museums use professional marketing translation, they can not only potentially reach a greater number of international visitors, but also better educate all of their patrons.

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