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The Most Important Trends in Translation Technology for 2018


Just like any other year, 2018 is expected to witness some technological advancement. One area that is likely to undergo tremendous change is the Translation industry. It is one sector that accounts for close to $43 billion in terms of revenue. So, any advancement is key to the growth of this industry.

The Translation industry is set to welcome some new trends, which are to increase the translation services making them easier and more easily accessible.

Below are some of the trends that are being forecasted;

– E-learning

Electronic learning is expected to get better than before. As a result, there is going to be an increased demand for localization and translation services. E-learning providers are expected to seek earnestly for translation services. This is vital to facilitate the smooth translation of words and documents to benefit students.

Companies like Flix Translations Group are set to benefit from the increased demand since companies organizing online learning will always be knocking at their doors in need of translation and localization services. Being a home to human translation company, Flix Translations Group is bound to make a great fortune while offering this service.

– Increase in Machine Translation

Since technology is always advancing, machine translation will certainly come into existence. Dealing with the ever-increasing demand for translation services is important. However, this will not get rid of human translation services. In fact, it will only make translation services more easily accessible. A company like Flix Translation Group aims to retain its top spot as a translation and localization firm. Furthermore, editing services are to become increasingly accessible. In the same faith, translation applications are also going to be developed in order to combat the increased demand.

– Video Translation

Despite being a leading trend in the previous year, Video translation is going to be an important trend in 2018. YouTube and Facebook will promote video translation. Simultaneous translation is set to be a reality due to the creation of video subtitles. This will in return enhance the growth of transcription services. With Flix Translation Group boasting of experienced online translators, they are to make some money by offering these services. E-learning will also benefit from video translation. The tutorials used in classwork will have subtitles hence making them more understandable.

– Reduction of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools.

These tools have become more complex as time goes by. In 2018 their usage will reduce due to the fact that people will opt for more user-friendly translation tools. Adobe has learned of this possibility and hence started evolving its products. This has been done with the creation of a user-friendly intelligent user interface. The technology has been spread across all Adobe products.

– Neural Machine Translation and AI

Neural Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence are set to enhance translation services, resulting in high-quality, affordable and customizable translation services.

– Transcreation

This is expected to gain more use among advertisers, making an advertisement in different languages possible. Product promotions will be translated from one language to the other without altering its context.

– Audio and Automated Interpreting Technology

Audio and automated interpreting technology will be bringing ease in translation activities since there will be minimal reading when it comes to translation. Just at the touch of a button, translation gets underway.

– Multilingual Digital Content and Videos

The ability to translate various languages will gain more ground. This is due to the creation of multilingual digital content and videos. Such content is expected to allow understandability of various languages.

– TMS Connectivity

Translation management system connectivity will accelerate translation quality and processes. Companies are expected to benefit tremendously from this new trend. With reduced costs, translation of words and documents will be a reality.

– Increased number of human translators

Companies are likely to hire more human translators. This is due to translating tools like Google becoming less effective. This means that companies like Flix Translation Group are going to benefit a lot. They have several human translators that are able to translate words and documents making them more understandable.


2018 will experience a great revamp in the translation sector. This is important in making this service more accessible and beneficial. There is much to look forward to.