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The Latest Trends in the Translation and Localization Industry


In the latest years, the translation and localization industry have stood out for showing certain tendencies and behavior at a worldwide level.

Some of the most relevant ones are:

A huge increase in the use of Machine Translation

Machine Translation has improved its accuracy level along the last years, and its quality has been much more thorough thanks to the incorporation of both neural machine translation (as opposed to statistical machine translation) and of AI for the pre-translation of certain content. This increase in the quality delivered by machine translation engines has resulted in the fact that many companies have decided to use this resource in order to translate their content,  especially that with a huge word volume, repetitive, and not so technical. In this way, companies make sure to save not only in terms of costs but also in terms of times and revenue.

A trend towards shorter projects

While the translation volumes have increased in the past years, it seems there are more jobs, but with small word counts. While a 20,000-word project seemed “large” for a translation company in the past, nowadays a job as small as 2,000 words seems to be long enough to be called “large”.

A huge increase in the translation of apps, videos, and digital content

The fact that marketing and advertising efforts are almost exclusively digital is an undeniable truth. Therefore, there is an unstoppable demand for translation of digital media content such as apps, videos, blog posts and social media content.

An increasing demand for transcreation

Following the previous point, and as a consequence of the need to internationalize all marketing and advertising campaigns, there is an ever-increasing demand for transcreation of marketing content – that is, the cultural adaptation of the message(s) a company would like to transmit.

At Flix Translations, we keep updated about the latest trends in translation and localization and are always ready to provide the best service for our clients. Do not hesitate to request a quote!