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The importance of Translation services during the time of disaster


Disasters have become all too common in the world we live in today. This can be attributed to activities within our control or out of our control, for example, natural disasters. Some of the most devastating disasters are the volcanic eruptions not forgetting hurricanes which have sadly become an almost annual phenomenon. However, the question is, how well prepared are we in times of such emergencies? Can we be able to avert the impending consequences or deal with them promptly? In order to address the latter adequately, translation services must be taken into consideration keenly and this is because of some very important reasons.    

For one, time is of the essence in times of such disasters. When a disaster like that of the volcanic eruption in Haiti occurs, quick communication of the instructions to the locals happens to be the thin line between life and death. For this reason, translation services play a pivotal role in ensuring that people get to quickly understand how to react to the situation before it is too late. If the first responders get to the place of disaster and there is a language barrier between them and the locals, the rescue efforts will certainly be hampered.

Another important issue to note is that not everyone is well educated. As a result, it can certainly be difficult for people to understand the laid down instructions which are mostly done in English. A good example is in the case of a disease outbreak. Most medical necessities are written in English and not in local languages thereby making it difficult for people to know how to use them. Under such circumstances, companies like Flix Translations come in handy to provide the necessary translation services and ensure that the assistance offered is effective.

How about avoiding confusion and miscommunication? This can more or less be considered the primary role of translators. We can all agree that confusion is likely to occur in times of disaster and this can be attributed to the trauma and shock that suddenly grips the affected people. The confusion certainly makes response difficult not forgetting the possibility of miscommunication by the responders.

To ease the rescue operations and save lives, Flix Translations come in handy to facilitate the communication between the affected and the responders. The company has an array of translators with expertise in many languages thereby providing translation services easily.

Communication of vital information is yet another important aspect aimed at saving lives in a disastrous situation. An ideal application of this is during a virus outbreak like that of the dreaded Ebola virus. In such an occurrence, community sensitization and control of the spread is very important and can be the determining factor of whether people survive or die. When big entities come to offer assistance to such people, translators are very important in ensuring the affected parties get the vital information which will save their lives and those of their loved ones.

Translation services are therefore vital in times of disaster by ensuring that responders save as many lives as possible. Thus, the importance of translation companies like Flix Translations cannot be overlooked. In simple words, translation translates into saving lives.

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