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Taking Your Business Global and Local!

Translation Services

If you deal with overseas clients, it is recommended that you ensure all documents and files are translated accordingly, so that they are available in the local language of choice. In addition to this, since you will have multiple types of documentation to work with, a professional translation agency can manage this on your behalf and ensure that your documentation is managed and organized in a timely and professional manner.

But this is not enough. For instance, if your company is located in Miami, FL you will have to be aware that you will have to translate your content in, at least, 3 languages. The city is a cultural hub, with over 80 languages spoken throughout. Recognized worldwide as an international hub, Miami has successfully hosted the Latin Grammy Awards, the celebration of the Free Trade of the Americas Conference, the MTV Music Video Awards and much, much more.

Flix TransMedia has qualified professionals and all the required resources readily available which makes them suitable for any project. This means that you can benefit from professionalism and reliability, which are the two aspects that any international business should have access to. This also promotes communication and an improved business platform to work on.


Having the assistance of a professional translation agency can boost your business confidence in multiple global countries, and this is something that every growing business can benefit from.

Flix TransMedia is the leading translation agency in Miami. We are a certified language translation and localization company working with several certified and accredited native-speaking translators and interpreters.

With a consolidated in-house translators’ team with solid experience in the legal, IT, technology and marketing fields, Flix TransMedia C provides globalization and localization services in real-time.

Operating globally implies having in mind different time zones, communication channels, nd a fast response ratio. As the company CEO, Jorge Alonso, states, “in times where response rates and 24/7 availability are highly valued, it is extremely necessary to have technological and human support to satisfy client demands.”