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If you are looking for Spanish translation services, Flix Translations Group is the right company. Our company has extensive experience in translation of documents, both in translation of documents in Spanish. We have an internal team that enables the implementation of the company’s quality policies, based on ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certification.

Flix Translations is a translation company with offices in Manhattan, Miami among other cities.

Due to its comprehensive linguistic services, Flix Translations is a strategic partner to companies in need of content localization for new markets. We provide fast and accurate content translation and localization services that can integrate to any company’s internal processes.

Flix Translations Group – Your Spanish Partner

We add linguistic, cultural, regional, and technical elements in order to improve user experience. For consistency and maximum usability, we provide assistance on the localization of all content types, such as websites, technical support queries, handbooks, user guides, and more.

  • Technical translation services
  • User guides and handbooks
  • Business translation
  • Legal and regulatory documents
  • Commercial documents
  • Marketing and online content
  • Packaging & labels
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Legal translation Services

If you need to translate your legal documents from english to spanish, you can trust our team. Our processes facilitate the management of all format types, reduction of delivery times, and budget optimization, while being mindful of the message and the brand overtones in all contact points.

Regardless of whether you’re a person who needs the spanish translation of lawful migration papers to find a new line of work or a lawyer with statements that are fundamental to your case; exactness and speed are basic. We completely comprehend that legitimate interpretations rule out a mistake. That is the reason our Legal Translation Services gives you the genuine feelings of serenity that each authoritative archive interpretation is exact, held in the strictest of certainty, and conveyed rapidly.

  • Suit – Documents shaping piece of disclosure, Court Forms, Evidence Bundles, Witness Statements
  • Contract Law – Contracts, Licenses, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Employee Codes of Conduct
  • Work Law – Employee contracts, Employee Handbooks, Codes of Conduct
  • Banking and Finance – Loan understandings, Debt instruments, Annual reports
  • IP/IT Law – Software licenses and contracts

Certified translation – Spanish translation services

A certified translation means that the LSP or translator has provided a signed statement that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original. Certified translations are usually required for legal documents such as business contracts, court transcripts, immigration documents, adoption agreements, and birth, death, or marriage certificates.

The process is very simple:

1. Submission of documentation: the customer sends the document to be translated in digital format.

2. Service Quote: Our team sends the service quote in just a few minutes.

3. Translation and certification: Our team is responsible for translation, certification and legalization before the relevant authority.

4. Delivery of documentation: Delivery of translated documentation in physical format.

Notarized Translations – Spanish translation services

A notarized translation is less about quality control and more about following official procedures. A notary public is a person who is authorized by the government to oversee and authenticate various legal formalities – one of them being notarized translations. Notarized translations are usually required for education-based documents like high school transcripts or foreign diplomas.

Over 400 million people speak Spanish

Spanish just falls in runner up behind Chinese, which is spoken by over a billion people and far outranks some other language.

There are 21 nations that have Spanish as the official language

Since English is spoken in 112 nations, the English language is the most far reaching as far as the quantity of nations that talk it. French is second with 60 nations talking the language and Arabic is third, with 57 nations who convey in Arabic.

Spanish has two names: Castellano and Español

Spanish speakers regularly allude to their language as español just as castellano, which is the Spanish word for “Castilian.”

The terms connected can vary from area to locale, and they can likewise reflect political and social perspectives. In English, the expression “Castilian Spanish” can be utilized to allude to singular tongues of Spanish spoken in the northern and focal pieces of Spain. Every so often, the term is utilized all the more freely to allude to the Spanish verbally expressed in Spain, instead of Latin American Spanish.

The Royal Spanish Academy is “in control” of the language

The Royal Spanish Academy is authoritatively in charge of being the overseer of the Spanish language. It has its home in Madrid and works various language institutes through the Association of Spanish Language Academies in the 21 different nations that communicate in Spanish.

The most punctual Spanish writings were composed more than 1000 years back!

Las Glosas Emilianenses (Glosses of Saint Emilianus), written in 964, were for quite some time thought to be the primary composed Spanish messages that endure today. They comprise of Spanish and Basque notes made on a religious Latin composition.

The obscure creator is thought to have been a priest at the Suso religious community. In 2010, in any case, the Real Academia Española declared that the primary instances of composed Spanish exist in ninth century medieval archives known as the “Cartularies of Valpuesta,” from the Burgos territory.

The Academy started its life in the eighteenth century and from that point forward has distributed word references and punctuation standard books, which have been authoritatively embraced in Spain and other Spanish-talking nations.