We have developed our own Custom Translation Management System

After working with a couple of pre-designed, paid TMS portals, last year we launched Calypso, our own Translation Management System.

In it, we handle all the company’s processes, from project management to vendor evaluation, including CRM, customer satisfaction surveys and internal calendars.

Calypso also enables our linguists to log in to their own Vendor Portal, where they can view and apply to existing jobs, receive and deliver files and invoice us for their services.

The Client Portal is our newest addition, in which customers may request jobs, perform wordcounts and get quotes instantly and without any email exchanging. In it, clients can upload and download files, view their spending in translation jobs, send queries and messages, manage reference materials, and more.

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We love technology. We admit it.

The tools we use help us improve productivity, reduce timelines and guarantee a final quality of projects.

We work with valuable technological partners that are worldwide industry leaders and that add value to our processes.

  • glossary is a bilingual file containing the translation of terms (word or phrase belonging to a particular domain or kind of language) in a special subject, field or area of usage.
  • TM and Glossary based CAT tools result in best quality translations.
  • A human translator reuses and references content from TMs and Glossaries to complete translations.