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Not only is Miami one of the most beautiful cities in the US, it also has the highest percentage of Spanish speakers of all the US cities. A whopping 77% of Miamians speak a different language in their homes. Majority of those who speak more than one language have Spanish as their primary language. In fact, 43% of Miami residents cannot speak English fluently but are excellent in Spanish.

The city has the highest number of immigrant populations in the country. The largest majority are Latinos from Hispanic speaking countries. Cuba tops the list with over 20%, Brazil, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic follow closely. Most immigrants have sired many generations of US citizens. Latinos here are proud of their cultures and roots and continue to speak in Spanish to their children.

Because a large number of the population cites Spanish as their primary language, business here is conducted in the language. And it is not just a hub of small business, but big conglomerates reside here. From giant telecommunications firms like AT&T to auto companies like General Motors, many companies have their hub here. Those multinationals that are targeting Latinos or Spanish speaking populations are setting up base here in order to capture local talent. If you want to do business in Miami, you will need to get yourself a translator.

The city is fast becoming the capital of South America. Many Brazilians jokingly refer to Miami as the capital of Brazil. Affluent Latinos from all around South America and even from Spain visit the city regularly to conduct business, do shopping, tour and for entertainment. It is the only city in the US where Hispanics from all over the world feel right at home. They are also making huge investments here, purchasing hotels, houses and even trading in company shares.

The importance of a good translation service cannot be understated. Translation is the bridge between you and locals in Miami. It will help you grow your Miami business because you will be able to understand your customer’s needs. Translation will even protect you from conmen when getting into a business deal in Miami.

Are you are thinking of doing business, having a meeting or even buying property in Miami? Do you have little or no knowledge of the Spanish language? Then, you should get a Spanish translator. Even if you speak Spanish, it may be difficult for you to understand the nasal accents and intonations of Cuban Spanish if you have never interacted with the locals here. Flix translators are well versed with the Spanish spoken in Miami. We translate for you even the local lingo. We are knowledgeable in both Mexican Spanish as well as Cuban Spanish.

Are you unable to understand important documents written in Spanish? Get the documents translated for you. Flix translators can edit, proof-read and transcribe Spanish documents for you. We offer professional translation for companies and business. We also offer translation services for your website and software to suit your business needs.

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