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Localizing Videos For Greater Impact


In recent years, the use of video in marketing and training has expanded exponentially. Global businesses are choosing to provide training and especially safety materials in video format for a variety of reasons. First, many people are visual learners, and video is easily integrated into e-learning programs. Second, in many types of jobs, workers may not have high literacy, making video safety training an efficient alternative to written or face-to-face presentations.

Video is also proving to be a much more effective means of content marketing. Numerous statistics show that video is much better at attracting an audience than other media. The price of video production has fallen dramatically, while, at the same time, the use of smartphones and other mobile devices capable of streaming video has risen dramatically in all parts of the world. Globally, use of mobile devices to access the Internet surpassed the use of desktops in 2014 and the gap is widening.

In this climate, the use of video for international marketing is also increasing rapidly. But effective use of videos for international marketing requires effective localization. That means translating content, either through subtitles or voice-overs, and revising content where needed to maximize the appeal to the sensibilities of other cultures and to minimize the risk of offending them.

Plan ahead

As with any materials intended for an international audience, video should be planned for its target audiences from the very beginning. Writing the script and planning the visual content with your foreign markets in mind will eliminate the need to make major changes in localized versions. The closer the video comes to traditional advertising, especially consumer advertising, the more you may need to consider having different versions for different markets. With more neutral content, such as product demonstrations, it should be possible to create videos where few changes beyond translation are necessary.

This is the reason why it is important to have a professional localizing service from a high quality Translation Agency. Flix Translations is the best LATAM Language Service Provider specialized in Latam Spanish.

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