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Languages in Florida, Much More Than English and Spanish


Florida is by far one of the best states to grace America with its gorgeous weather, miles upon miles of coastline and its diverse population. While the majority of Florida does speak either US English or Spanish, there are over 19 million people living in the state. Within this huge number, we find that a large variety of different languages are spoken.

With this vast number of languages can come a variety of obstacles in every day working life. Our goal here at Flix Translations is to offer you the best translation services around for whatever you may need.

What Languages are Spoken in Florida?

Out of the huge range of languages that are spoken worldwide, quite a variety of them is spoken here in the state of Florida. The two biggest, Spanish and English, make up most of the language spoken in Florida. Around 3.64 million people speak Spanish in their households, which accounts for around 20.2 percent of the whole Florida population. Besides Spanish, the next biggest language spoken apart from English is French Creole. Speakers of this language are in the region of about 361 thousand strong and account for around 2 percent of the population of Florida.

Third on the list of the most frequently spoken languages at home is just French, not French Creole. This accounts for 115 thousand people living in Florida and around 0.6 percent of Florida’s population. Finally, the fourth most commonly spoken language in Florida is Portuguese. Portuguese has a speaking population of around 87.3 thousand people that accumulate to 0.5 percent of the population.

These are the most common languages spoken, however, far more languages make up hundreds of thousands more people. For example, there are tens of thousands of people that speak German, Tagalog, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more! With so many languages ready for translation, all you need now are translators to do all the hard work for you. That is what we specialize in doing at Flix Translations.

Where Are These Languages Spoken?

While various languages are spoken in Florida, they are spoken in different regions. In North Miami, you are likely to find most French Creole speakers. Around 21.2 thousand people speak French Creole in Northern Miami, which makes up around 38 percent of all Floridians that speak the language.

For French, it is found that most of the people that speak it are either from Lauderhill that has around 2.32 percent of the speakers and Deerfield Beach that is home to around 2.27 percent of the speaker population. Also ranking high on the French speaker population list is Miami Beach that is home to 1.98 percent of the speakers of the language.

Finally, for Portuguese, we find that most of the speakers in the language are from the same place. Deerfield Beach, which also has most French speakers, is also home to most Portuguese speakers. This area is home to 8.4 percent of Portuguese speakers with about 6 thousand people speaking the language.

Overall, Florida is a multi-cultural state that is home to various languages. Here at Flix Translations, we pride ourselves on being the best translator service in Florida. By handling over 10,000 projects a year with a 99% on-time delivery record, we offer professional translation services that have even been used by companies like Google and Amazon. Get your translation needs to be dealt with today!

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