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Monthly support in commercial parts

Fluke is an important business that manufactures tools for wiring installation and electric testing. Since 2013, we have assisted it in the management and the English and Spanish translation of its commercial contents.

We helped Fluke to translate the description and the technical specifications of all the product line, so that the content, besides having some characteristics of a technical text, aims to sell products. In this sense, we should adopt a commercial tone, as long as the text allows us to do so.

To comply with the client’s demands, some actions were adopted that contributed to a better translation quality and a unified tone in the message, to wit:

  • A glossary was made based on the feedback that the client made with each delivery. In this way, we ensure we are using the vocabulary that the client approves and considers appropriate for his business.
  • A style guide was also made based on the client’s feedback, in which linguistic rules were established in order to unify the text.
  • Our client approved us these materials (with some modifications) and from there on, we elaborated a terminological base with the approved terms.
  • The team of translators was trained in the use of the reference material and all doubts were clarified regarding this account.
  • A Project Manager (PM) dedicated to this account was assigned to make the communication easier not only with our client but also with our team of translators and in that way achieving a better quality and efficiency in our final product.


  • More than 3 years translating contents of marketing for Fluke Corporation.
  • More than 400,000 words translated from English into Latin American Spanish.
  • A permanent team of 7 translators specialized in the field.
  • 4 key resources for the success of this account: Unified Translation Memory, Glossary approved by the client, Style Guide approved by the client, dedicated PM.