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Integral linguistic consulting

Veeam is a technology company that develops management software. It is a global company with more than 183 thousand of clients and offices around the world.

Since March 2014, we have assisted them monthly in the translation and localization of contents from English into Spanish of different areas of the company.

From the beginning, a work plan and processes were established for the document management. During the first instance, a guide style was created together with the client for each language pairs in order to guarantee the coherence of the business message, a terminological glossary to standardize the terms used by the company and the industry (in this case based on previous translations) and a single translation memory for all projects to optimize costs.

Currently, more than 1500 projects have been done, translating more than 700 thousand words, with an average of 660 words per project. The use of glossaries and style guides allowed us to guarantee quality, getting an average score of 98% in the quality controls.

Translation memories allow us to detect similarities between what is inside the memory and the file to translate. From these similarities, there are discounts on the price per word, optimizing the budget in the long run. The use of a memory allows cost optimizations for each product.

Throughout our relationship with Veeam, cost savings of up to 36% were registered. The saving percentage is dynamic, as the contents can be similar in a period of time but later they are renewed, which reduces the margin by some time.

In this way, the advantages of managing all translation contents with only one provider can be appreciated. Thus, not only controls and processes can be implemented jointly, but also a uniform communication is guaranteed and the translation costs are optimized over time.