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Website Localization

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The Benefits of Translating your Website into Other Languages

We help companies expand to new markets and communicate their message wherever they need.


The Internet has enabled the opening of a global market of a great significance and within easy reach to an endless number of big companies, but especially for middle-sized, small companies and entrepreneurships. Reaching these markets is extremely tempting, but of course, you must be prepared for it.


Many companies still believe that the fact that they translate their corporate webpage into English is more than enough to reach clients across the world with their message. This belief is wrongful.


Even in countries where English is mostly spoken, there is a noticeable preference worldwide for content which is written in each person’s mother tongue. In other words, it is not enough to translate the website into English, but it is also necessary to translate it into the different languages of the markets you intend to reach.

We have several clients from this industry to whom we provide our translation and localization services. We help them translate and localize their newsletters, brochures, product catalogs, webpages, promotional e-mails, launch campaigns, promotional material and new product descriptions, among others.

Really worth translate the contents of my web page?


In terms of conversion —closing a sale, generating a prospect, capturing data— language is a huge barrier. To start with, if the potential client needs to think or translate the content of your page in order to understand the product or service you are offering, it is almost for sure he or she will leave your website without even sending a query and, what’s worse, will never return.


Remember: More than half of all Google searches are not made in English.


Common Sense Advisory, a company which does market research within the translation industry, has studied the effect of website translation in product and service sales in the report called Can’t Read, Won’t Buy”. It was discovered that 85% of all consumers simply won’t purchase if the information is not easily available in their native language.


This does not mean that users do not understand the English language, but that even though they do understand, they won’t confirm a purchase because the fact that the product or service is not expressed in their mother tongue makes them perform extra work which they are not willing to do.


While all translations are performed by human translators, use of translation memory technology allows us to save time by avoiding duplication of effort, resulting in greater cost savings for you. Because this technology is completely compatible with industry-exchange standards, we can use many of your former translations or databases to further reduce translation time and costs.

Facts and numbers about Website Localization

70% of the population worldwide does not speak English; however, 57% of websites are published in English.


More than half of all Google searches are made in languages other than English.


Two thirds of the Internet users are non-native English speakers; and this percentage is rapidly growing.






We carefully choose the translators and editors who work with us. We segment our base of collaborators according to their experience, ability and carry out an internal audit to learn the results of the work of each of them.


We consider the delivery terms for the projects as a real commitment with our customers. Each of the steps in the translation process takes place in order to comply with the agreed dates, and the required quality.

Quality Assurance (QA)

We perform an internal process of QA to guarantee a quality end result. There are two types of audit, one within the translation process and another outside the translation process where an external auditor evaluates the work of translators. In this way we monitor the work of our collaborators in double form.

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