Translation company or freelance translator? How to choose the right option


For companies with multinational operations, communication in other languages and multilingual content have become part of their everyday processes. Thus, investment in translation and localization enables companies to streamline their workflow. However, how to invest and how much to spend are of paramount importance.

Translation company or translator?

When it comes to requesting a translation, another issue is: Do I hire a freelance translator or a translation company? There are two realities to bear in mind: not every translation must be performed by a company, and a freelance translator will always be the cheapest option. You do have to know the best option according to your needs and be fully aware of the skills and limits of each option.

AVAILABILITY Ready to start immediately.
Management of projects simultaneously.
Capacity to manage large volumes.
Availability limited to their work schedule.
No more than 2,500 words a
DELIVERY TIME Large volumes with a tight schedule.
Full and adequate
compliance with all verifications.
Limited availability.
Extended delivery time.
EXPERIENCE A network of
specialized in many fields.
Limited to a few specialization fields.
QUALITY Format controls.
Policies and quality assurance.
Less possibility of a final quality check.
SERVICES More services offered.
Any type of files, any language.
Additional services: translation memory, glossaries and style guides, CAT tools.
More personalized service.
Direct communication channel.
PRICE Higher price per word.
Charged with net words.
Discounts on repetitions.
Lower price per word.
Charged with total words.


Hiring a translation company involves consideration and implementation of a long-term translation strategy. The strategy must be set with 3 key variables in mind: content, time and budget.

According to the type of content and use, the adequate workflows and services are defined. Based on the deadline, the number of professionals, the tools and quality assurance required is set.

Tools must be used to streamline management and optimize budget. With translation memories, previously translated content is detected, which can be applied to the new translation. Translation memories will eventually reduce up to 36% of translation costs.
Glossaries and style guides provide a unified brand message, ensuring quality and consistency of the message.

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