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Transcreation vs Translation – What’s The Difference?

Translators should only ever translate into their mother tongue, regardless of how fluent they are in another language. This ensures that the linguistic nuances of their native language are respected.


Some translators are more inclined towards creative writing and hence translation companies are more likely to use these linguists on projects such as marketing, advertising and media texts.

Transcreation is best summed up as creative international advertising translation. The act of Transcreation itself refers to a message being presented in another language in a way that has been moulded to suit a new audience.


Transcreation happens when a highly specialized translator recreates the text in question for a specific audience. The key word here is “recreates,” which otherwise means to reproduce, give new life to, create again, reinvent. It doesn’t refer to creating the content completely from scratch but often changing the source content significantly in the process.


Translators continually adapt the message from one language to another, while preserving context, tone, style and intent. This service covers a translation of the text, but changes the humor, idioms, cultural references and slang to resonate with the target foreign audience.



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We have several clients from this industry to whom we provide our translation and localization services. To mention a few, on a regular basis we work with Veeam, Links, Samsung, LG, Telefé, Underground and Huawei. We help them translate and localize their newsletters, brochures, product catalogs, webpages, promotional e-mails, launch campaigns, promotional material and new product descriptions, among others.



We carefully choose the translators and editors who work with us. We segment our base of collaborators according to their experience, ability and carry out an internal audit to learn the results of the work of each of them.


We consider the delivery terms for the projects as a real commitment with our customers. Each of the steps in the translation process takes place in order to comply with the agreed dates, and the required quality.

Quality Assurance (QA)

We perform an internal process of QA to guarantee a quality end result. There are two types of audit, one within the translation process and another outside the translation process where an external auditor evaluates the work of translators. In this way we monitor the work of our collaborators in double form.

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