Translation On-Demand


Translation On-Demand!

Advanced content solutions that make translation projects easy to manage.
Maintaining ongoing content translations is a complex process that demands extreme attention to detail with success often depending on three main factors:
1) throughput  2) quality and 3) cost.

Our goal is to help organizations enter new markets with confidence, build local trust in global markets, and reap rewards beyond just increased revenues.  Plan on being an agent for change in a big wide world.

We will help you to choose the right service for the content to translate. The main benefit of working with a translation company is that we will make sure that your budget is optimized from the start. Your company can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, only by properly choosing the service for each type of content.

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Our process

Our Translation Process

The translation process will be performed with the help of translation software. This software analyzes the wordcount of each document, calculates repeated words and pre-translates any repeated segments existing from the translation memory.

Step 1: Select the Translation Service

You can choose between a few proposals to translate your content. Not all content needs the same service.

Flix Translations thinks about your budget and offers you three different options for you to choose from. ,First you must choose the type of content and the system will offer you the most appropriate to optimize your budget.

In the second stage, choose the language(s) to which you want to translate the content. Flix Translations System (Calypso) allows you to translate a single file or project into dozens of languages quickly and easily.

With Calypso, you optimize time management and forget about the problems.

Step 2: Choose the languages

Step 3: Upload your files

In this step upload the files you want to translate or simply copy and paste the text to calculate the word count.

We recommend working with Office files since these files are better for counting words. The system also accepts multiple file formats. To see the formats that FTG accepts click here. 30+ file formats – .docx, .xlsx, .xml, .po, .php and more.

The last step to start your project is to review the data of the files, the language pairs were chosen and the type of service you want.

If everything is okay, complete the service payment simply and safely. At the moment of delivery, you will receive the translation of your files in your portal for you to download.

Step 4: Pay for your project safely and securely


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