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24 Aug Language Translation for Ecommerce

Ecommerce sites sometimes translate prices into a local currency, but nothing else — product names, action buttons, and descriptions remain in English. This is frustrating for local consumers, especially if they read and speak only their native language. Retailers do this to have a presence in...

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17 Aug Localizing Apps, think globally

The importance of localizing Apps The mobile application marketplace is booming – by 2017 Portio Research estimates the number of mobile users will grow to 4.4 billion, half of whom will come from Asia. These numbers are staggering, and also speak to the necessity for localizing...

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16 Jul Language Translation: Machines vs. Humans

“Machine” translations cannot be relied upon — they require a human review for accuracy and readability. To demonstrate, I will use three free services — Google Translate, Bing Translator, andSDL Free Translation — and a sentence from a product description for a watch on Amazon. I will translate this sentence from English to Japanese and...

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