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Cómo aprender un nuevo idioma: Los 3 secretos de todo diplomático

Cómo aprender un nuevo idioma: Los 3 secretos de todo diplomático   Aprender un idioma se ha convertido en una necesidad, ya no sólo de cara a mejorar nuestro currículum, sino también para movernos por el extranjero. Pero hay algunas profesiones, como la de diplomático, que exigen...

TAL Education Group invests US$30M in Phoenix E-Learning

TAL will receive 32 per cent equity in China’s leading online education startup. TAL Education Group, a K-12 after-school tutoring service provider in China, has invested US$30 million in Phoenix E-Learning, which operates China’s largest online educational platform serving the public school system. Founded in 2003, Phoenix E-learning runs Zxxk.com, which it...

Now You Can Get Skype’s Real-time Language Translation. Here’s How

Science fiction has long had universal translators – devices that are able to take any language and instantaneously translate it into any other language or dialect. Now, this sci-fi technology is becoming a reality. Last year, Skype announced that it was rolling out an instantaneous translation service...

Translating peace: Interpreting Mandarin at the UN

Translating at the UN often goes beyond the conference room - major documents can be incorporated into legislation for years to come. Mandarin is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and translating documents into all those languages is crucial to the smooth...

Survey reveals growing demand for customised e-learning and video content

L&D teams are increasingly buying-in ready-made learning resources, rather than creating their own, according to an annual survey by Video Arts, which reveals an upsurge in the use of off-the-shelf e-learning and video content. The poll conducted this year, surveyed 400 learning and development professionals about...

Walnut trees linked with development of language, trade routes

What do walnuts have in common with the earliest human languages and the first trade routes? A lot, according to scientists at Purdue University. When you map the evolution of language and the evolution of the walnut tree, you find a wide overlap stretching across much...

What is a good translation-
What is a good translation?

Translation is not simply changing words in one language into their equivalents in another. Quality translation involves knowing the context and cultural background from which the words in the original text came, and then choosing words and phrases in the new language which will best...

Remaking Foreign Films For Domestic Audiences Requires More Than Translation

Tuesday morning, Deadline ran an item confirming that Chris and Paul Weitz’s production shingle Depth of Field would co-produce an English-language remake of Takashi Miike’s 2013 thriller Shield of Straw with Japanese partner Nippon TV. The film, which enjoyed considerable popularity upon release in its native Japan, centers on a...