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Now You Can Get Skype’s Real-time Language Translation. Here’s How

Science fiction has long had universal translators – devices that are able to take any language and instantaneously translate it into any other language or dialect. Now, this sci-fi technology is becoming a reality. Last year, Skype announced that it was rolling out an instantaneous translation service that would allow individuals to send a video, or voice

Musiglota: The Beatles, Rihanna y Metallica, los nuevos profesores de inglés

Una nueva aplicación desarrollada en Chile permite aprender inglés con la música que almacena cada usuario en su celular. 78 colegios del país ya lo utilizan como herramienta didáctica en las aulas. De la combinación de música y aprendizaje surge MusiGlota. Una nueva aplicación para smartphone creada para aprender inglés por medio de las canciones

Survey reveals growing demand for customised e-learning and video content

L&D teams are increasingly buying-in ready-made learning resources, rather than creating their own, according to an annual survey by Video Arts, which reveals an upsurge in the use of off-the-shelf e-learning and video content. The poll conducted this year, surveyed 400 learning and development professionals about how they deliver training and their plans for the

What is a good translation?

Translation is not simply changing words in one language into their equivalents in another. Quality translation involves knowing the context and cultural background from which the words in the original text came, and then choosing words and phrases in the new language which will best convey the substance and meaning of the original in a

Remaking Foreign Films For Domestic Audiences Requires More Than Translation

Tuesday morning, Deadline ran an item confirming that Chris and Paul Weitz’s production shingle Depth of Field would co-produce an English-language remake of Takashi Miike’s 2013 thriller Shield of Straw with Japanese partner Nippon TV. The film, which enjoyed considerable popularity upon release in its native Japan, centers on a squad of five police officers charged with protecting a

Globalization Is Yet to Come to America

The United States is only just beginning to experience globalization, despite the economic power shift toward Asia, the current economic development in emerging markets, the overall digitalization of life, and the growing mobility of people and products. For example, the Zukunftsinstitut reports that almost 99 percent of American companies still only do domestic business, merely 2