Case Study: Ministry of Justice – Argentina


In November 2016, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina hold the Second International Conference on Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Systems. For this reason, they need a complete solution of interpretation, equipment and streaming services.

The event took place in San Martín Palace, downtown Buenos Aires, on November 15, 16 and 17 of 2016 and gathered more than 300 political representatives from all over the world.

The event had 2 kind of activities: a plenary session where the 4 languages were required, and parallel and breakout for Spanish and English speakers. The major challenge of the event was there were speakers and assistants from all over the world, and they need to provide full communication and video streaming the event into 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Arabic.

To ensure the communication at all time, that we offer interpretation into four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Arabic; and using the relay modality, we could interpret into all the language combinations involved in the conference at all time.

The event involved ten interpreters, five translation booths, and 300 receptors. The streaming was done in Spanish, English, French, and Arabic and a team of technicians was present during the three days to guarantee top quality during the Conference.

Forgetting the team ready to be able to cope with the technical information held at the event, we select a team legal expert linguist, we provide them with reference material and presentations, and the agenda for the whole event.

In every event, we need to be ready for the unexpected. This time, was a speaker that could not attend to the event, but he set a video instead, and it was not on our agenda. All the sudden a video with poor audio in Arabic started, and our team experienced some difficulties in translating. Our coordination team acts fast, the asked organizers the video so that our team could play them in notebooks, and we could complete the job successfully.

Project Specifications:

  • Interpretation through relay modality into languages: Spanish, French, English, Arabic, and all its combinations.
  • 10 interpreters, 5 booths, and 300 receptors
  • Video streaming into English, Spanish, Arabic and French

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