10 October, 2018

The Most Important Trends in Translation Technology for 2018

Just like any other year, 2018 is expected to witness some technological advancement. One area that is likely to undergo tremendous change is the Translation industry. It is one sector that accounts for close to $43 billion in terms of revenue. So, any advancement is key to the growth of this industry. The Translation industry


6 September, 2018

The Importance of Translation in Business

As businesses start to build professional partnerships and take part in global relations, there is a thriving need for better business translation and localization services. These may be used for corporate functions, meetings, product documents and more; and working with a professional translation agency is the perfect solution to go for. Having a team that

3 August, 2018

The importance of Translation services during the time of disaster

Disasters have become all too common in the world we live in today. This can be attributed to activities within our control or out of our control, for example, natural disasters. Some of the most devastating disasters are the volcanic eruptions not forgetting hurricanes which have sadly become an almost annual phenomenon. However, the question

31 July, 2018

Captions vs Subtitles: The Difference Matters

Some people believe that captions are just another word for subtitles. But there is a world of difference between the two words. Here at Fix Translations, we know that a caption is not the same as a subtitle; and that each serves a unique and important role. Captions vs. Subtitles  Even though people mix up

28 July, 2018

Miami; businesses and languages – Flix Translations Group

Not only is Miami one of the most beautiful cities in the US, it also has the highest percentage of Spanish speakers of all the US cities. A whopping 77% of Miamians speak a different language in their homes. Majority of those who speak more than one language have Spanish as their primary language. In

26 July, 2018

Legal translations challenges – Flix Translations Group

Legal translation is not an easy undertaking. You will note that this is one of the most complicated types of translation in this day and age. If you have ever skimmed over any legal document, you will note that the writing style is not easy to grasp. One needs to be in this field for

24 July, 2018

Translate an event task is difficult, but not impossible

Are you planning an event any time soon? There are many things that you should consider. First and foremost, you must understand that the event will have different people. This means that you will get different attendees who speak a different language. There is a need to ensure that your message is well understood by

5 July, 2018

Prevent Language Barrier In The Media Industry By Doing This

Technology is changing rapidly. You will note that technology has made globalization possible. Nowadays, most businesses are expanding even overseas. This means that most of them are having branches in different areas. This has led to the need for language translation services. You will note that different people in different nations usually speak different languages.

2 July, 2018

Languages in Florida, Much More Than English and Spanish

Florida is by far one of the best states to grace America with its gorgeous weather, miles upon miles of coastline and its diverse population. While the majority of Florida does speak either US English or Spanish, there are over 19 million people living in the state. Within this huge number, we find that a

27 June, 2018

5 Reasons not to Translate All your Content with Google Translate

Have you ever tried translating a foreign language word for word from Google? And did you confirm with someone who knew the language if the translations were actually accurate? If you did, then that person must have had a fit of laughter. Google translations most of the time go wrong, and we become a laughing

13 June, 2018

5 Reasons Why it is Important to Hire an Interpreter for an Immigration Interview

If you are attending an immigration interview and are not completely comfortable with spoken English, it is a good idea to consider choosing an expert. Getting into a new country can be difficult, so making the right impression on the immigration officer during the immigration interview can be crucial to the success of the interview.

6 June, 2018

The Latest Trends in the Translation and Localization Industry

In the latest years, the translation and localization industry have stood out for showing certain tendencies and behavior at a worldwide level.

5 May, 2018

Why can a Professional Translation Company be your Strategic Partner?

Given the fact that businesses are nowadays carried out on a global level, getting your business documents translated in different languages has become a necessity. While doing so, you generally have two options before you: online translation and professional translation. This means, you effectively need a competent and professional translation company to be your strategic