Month: July 2017

How much do companies spend on translation?

HOW MUCH DO COMPANIES SPEND ON TRANSLATION? For companies with multinational operations, communication in other languages and multilingual content have become part of their everyday processes. Thus, investment in translation and localization enables companies to streamline their workflow. However, how to invest and how much to spend are of paramount importance. Choose the adequate service


Content production, in its diverse formats and distribution channels, nowadays presents big challenges for businesses. The marketing area especially faces the challenge of achieving their companies’ positioning in international markets and guaranteeing a unique customer experience which allows them to accomplish their objectives in each specific market. To improve customer experience in different markets, it

Translator is one of the most lucrative careers

Translators With globalisation, the demand for translation and language-related services has witnessed a significant increase. Making a career in this field requires specialised training and a professional orientation. Today, translators are hired not only to promote literature and cross-cultural activities, but also to help companies keep pace with globalisation. Professionals are in high demand in