Month: August 2015

Remaking Foreign Films For Domestic Audiences Requires More Than Translation

Tuesday morning, Deadline ran an item confirming that Chris and Paul Weitz’s production shingle Depth of Field would co-produce an English-language remake of Takashi Miike’s 2013 thriller Shield of Straw with Japanese partner Nippon TV. The film, which enjoyed considerable popularity upon release in its native Japan, centers on a squad of five police officers charged with protecting a

Globalization Is Yet to Come to America

The United States is only just beginning to experience globalization, despite the economic power shift toward Asia, the current economic development in emerging markets, the overall digitalization of life, and the growing mobility of people and products. For example, the Zukunftsinstitut reports that almost 99 percent of American companies still only do domestic business, merely 2

Language Translation for Ecommerce

Ecommerce sites sometimes translate prices into a local currency, but nothing else — product names, action buttons, and descriptions remain in English. This is frustrating for local consumers, especially if they read and speak only their native language. Retailers do this to have a presence in another market without spending much money. If a small