Month: June 2015

How languages differentiate between the present and the future affects companies’ engagement in sustainable business practices.

German language encourages the practice of sustainable business more than the English language does. The more limited the differentiation between the present and the future, the more attention that is paid to sustainable business practices. Companies with English as their working language have less sustainable business practices than companies where German is spoken. And companies with

Half of All Languages Come From This One Root Tongue. Here’s How it Conquered the Earth.

What do Spanish, Hindi and English all have in common? They all descended from the same mother tongue: Anatolian or more commonly Proto-Indo-European In fact, there’s about a 50 percent chance that any given person speaks a language from the Indo-European family, as Shoaib Daniyal recently reported for Quartz. Indo-European languages, a family that includes

Is Translation an Art or a Math Problem?

Since 2009, the White House’s policy paper on innovation has included, in its list of near-term priorities, “automatic, highly accurate and real-time translation” to dismantle all barriers to international commerce and cooperation. If that were possible, a variety of local industries would lose the final advantage of their natural camouflage, and centralization — in social