Month: May 2015

Machine translations: Good enough for government work?

Even as consumer programs like Skype Translator are making it easier for people speaking different languages to communicate, governments are struggling to make information available to non-English speakers. A presentation from the Department of Labor last year underscored that complying with anti-discrimination laws includes providing information in other languages to non-English speaking individuals in the

Specialist staff translate into real advantages

For most businesses working in international property it is vital to have some kind of reliable translation service to effectively market real estate and services around the world. It’s not just about communicating accurately with business partners, agents and developers and investors who speak non-native languages and understanding important legal, financial and commercial documents and

Translation for Museums Boosts International Marketing

Museums are major attractions for international visitors. That means accurate translation of museum marketing materials is an important element in drawing worldwide attention to your latest exhibition. By employing professional marketing translation for your museum, you will create positive global exposure and provide better customer service for your international visitors.